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Guitar Chord for Beginners

Basic Guitar Chords Finger Placement

Do not struggle like the girl in the pic above!

If you are just beginning to play guitar, it can seem to be a bit overwhelming. There is so much to learn and remember.

In this guide, we show you what you need to know to be able to read guitar chord diagrams – learn what string, fret and fingers to use to properly play basic guitar chords.

Guitar By Numbers is a good way to approach learning to navigate around the guitar. Each string, fret and finger is can be numbered – once you know this identifying what string you should play, with what finger and  on what fret should help you to understand what you need to do!

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Playing the chord will need practice, persistence and patience – it is difficult but the rewards of being able to play a song on guitar are worth sticking at it even when you want to throw the towel in! Read on to get more help – we are with you as you begin your guitar playing journey!

Check out the video below to learn how to use a basic guitar chord chart or diagram.

Guitar chord charts or diagrams are a great way for beginner guitar players to learn what note or fret to play, on what string and with the correct finger to use to easily play the guitar chord.

A guitar has got six strings.

It is important to correctly number the strings of the guitar.

We play a note on guitar by pressing our finger down on the string and pushing the string against the wood of the fret and then strumming or picking the note with our other hand.

Guitar Chord Designs

There is nothing better than being shown what to do – that is why there are so many great guitar tutors out there helping people learn everyday!

We have out together a short demo video to help you get started!

The video below will show you the number of the strings of the guitar and how that is shown on the guitar chord diagram.

Guitar Chords for Beginners

Now that you have watched the video and understand how to “read” the guitar chord diagram, let’s take a look at some important guitar chords for beginner guitar players.

Here at Chordword we want to take a simple but fun and creative approach to remembering guitar chords!

Chordword takes letters from the alphabet and the music note names and puts them in everyday words – Chordwords – as a learning tool to help you recognise and learn chords using a combination of the guitar chord diagram and everyday words.

Guitar Chord Designs

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Musical Note Names

The music notes are named by the the first 7 letters of the alphabet – A B C D E F G

A note is simply the pitch or sound we hear when we fret that note on the guitar.

We have below the guitar chord diagrams for:

  • A Major
  • B Major
  • C Major
  • D Major
  • E Major
  • F Major
  • G Major

Click on the guitar chord and use the video above to try and work out the string that you have to play, the fret (note) that you have to play and the fingers you have to use to fret the notes for each chord.

Check out some of the Chordword designs below!